Supervisor. Compositor. Real Time Operator. Technology Lead. Photographer. Scripter. VFX Artist.

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Senior Compositor, Industrial Light & Magic, 2018.12 - Present

- Lead compositor for feature films, television, theme park rides, AR/VR, and real time compositing on set
 - The Mandalorian
 - Jurassic World Attraction : Universal park ride

Real Time Operator | On Set Photographer, Industrial Light & Magic, 2014.06 - Present

- Virtual production operator on set controlling real time rendering
 - color correcting real time rendered scenes with practical set
 - real time compositing
 - 3d scene manipulations and transformations per director or DP requests

- On set photographer
 - shoot 360 photography for virtual background spheres
 - photogrammatry
 - general props and digital doubles photography

Compositor | Area Technology Lead (sf), Industrial Light & Magic, 2015.01 - 2018.12

- Compositing shot work:
 - Jurassic World: Blue (VR experience)
 - Black Panther
 - Star Tours: Disney Park Ride (Episode 8 extension)
 - Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
 - Transformers: The Last Knight
 - Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon : Universal park ride
 - Captain America: Civil War
 - Ironman Experience : Disney park ride
 - Soaring Around the World : Disney park ride
 - Warcraft
 - Prisoner (Short)

- Area Technology Lead for the ILM Compositing Department in San Francisco facility where duties include:
 - streamlining Compositing communication and decision making between all four facilities (San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Singapore)
 - designing, implementing, and enforcing the ILM Nuke canonical system
 - creating and maintaining Nuke gizmos and templates
 - optimizing compositing workflow

Assistant Technical Director, Industrial Light & Magic, 2010.01 - 2014.12

- Junior compositing shot work:
 - Agent Carter
 - Jurassic World
 - Ultimate Energy: Wanda Wuhan Theme Park
 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 - Transformers: Age of Extinction
 - Pacific Rim
 - Battleship
 - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

- Support:
 - developed and maintained the ILM third party pipeline
 - liason between third party vendors and internal artists/production
 - converting and ingesting vendor material into ILM’s pipeline
 - responsible for creating scripts and processes with ILM’s internal software, nuke, and maya
 - quality control of vendor stereo layer composites, rotoscope, animation, and camera match moves