Andor: Season 1 (Emmy Nominated)

For this prequel of Rogue One, under the supervision of HOD Mohen Leo and Scott Pritchard for ILM, we found ourselves working across 12 different episodes creating brand new environments and space ships, but also bringing back some familiar locations and characters. We also utilized shooting virtual production with two LED walls in Mon Mothma's Embassy apartment. On the post end we created different environments from jungles to mining fields and the glamorous high society of Coruscant to the grungy dark alleys at the bottom. There were space battles and escape sequences. Overall a huge variety of differing work for an excellent spy thriller of a series.

Showrunner: Tony Gilroy
Production Designer: Luke Hull
Directors of Photography: Adriano Goldman, Frank Lamm, Damián García, Jonathan Freeman
VFX HOD: Mohen Leo

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